About Us

Bringing the swag to golf clubs - One cover at a time!

It was always there, from the furthest I can remember, there was always yarn and knitting needles.  My mom always had it with her - from the beach to waiting in the car, from professional sporting events (where she got caught on the Jumbo Tron knitting instead of watching) to quiet nights at home, knitting was always in my life. 

My dad was an avid golfer - he tried to get me to follow in his love of playing golf, but the playing didn't get me, it was the head covers!  What a great present, I thought to myself one Father's Day - and that was how it all began.  I created a knitting pattern - through much trial and error - and that first set was made in his favorite team colors - University of Maryland!  Although those weren't my best set, they were the ones that led to the place I am today!


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